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Minimalist Aquarium 3D Printed Flora Design Concept

Aquarium 3D Printed Flora Design

Artist and founder of Misawa has designed a number of Minimalist Aquarium titled “Waterscapes” that include 3D imprinted objects inspired by undersea vegetation. It works mirror coral and other marine flora that small seafood use as hiding places, yet are all made digitally. The objects are ones that could normal bump or crumble because of their own weight, yet because of ... Read More »

Bivak Pickup Camper Truck RV 4×4 Drive

Camper Truck 4x4 Drive

BundutecUSA already offers a sound brand of slide-in pickup pick up truck campers for trucks of all kinds. Its latest model, the Bivak Pickup Camper, unveiling as its simplest and most affordable. Built for the off-road market, the compact Bivak Pickup Camper shell sets up your expedition gear, provides you an optional location to sleep and makes the unpredictable backcountry ... Read More »

Straumsnes Cabin Luxury Living Design

Luxury Beautiful Living

Have a look at Straumsnes Cabin by Norwegian architects, Rever & Harpe. It is afforded some mightily impressive views that make it this captivating location to live. Located in a glorious spot overlooking the Norwegian Sea, Straumsnes Cabin is a mixture of old and new constructions and boasts an exterior and interior design that basically is simperingly good. Largely built ... Read More »

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