Discovered a Treasure Trove of Ancient Silver Coins
Discovered a Treasure Trove of Ancient Silver Coins

A curious library caretaker in the Bavarian city of Passau has found a treasure trove of ancient silver coins and medals who headed disregarded for a multitude of as opposed to two centuries. The bombshell obtain is reportedly price as a great deal as six figures.

Janitor Tanja Höls had often endorsed by an unassuming wooden box stowed away in an archive in Passau’s historic area library, but it was not until around two weeks ago so curiosity got the right of her and she was resolved take a appear inside.

What she found got dozens of coins, a large number of of them constructed of silver. “I had no idea the present I’d at last found a treasure,” the 43-year-old informed the German surprise agency DAPD on Wednesday. But when she imparted upon the head out of the library in the Bavarian city how she had seen, he fast realized such a value.

“This come to find is a true bonanza,” Markus Wennerhold said, putting in too it occurred to coincide in preparations for the library’s 400th anniversary.

The library believes that the cluster of 172 well-preserved coins probably belonged to Passau’s. Wennerhold suspects overly properties got hidden there about 1803 within Germany’s secularization. They may undergo wanted to still be them out of the hands of tax officials. Dating coming back from the decades between the Roman Empire and Napoleon’s rule, first Internet investigation has revealed too the coins are expense a “low six-figure sum,” Wennerhold said. Experts ought to now determine such a exact value. The a large number of crucial pieces will be able to normal turn out to be decorative medals from what i read in the Baroque era, Wennerhold estimated.

The Silver Coins got maybe forgotten while the prices was underestimated by beyond library workers, Wennerhold informed DAPD. “None of the up to date staff right here know too these types of coins existed.

Library janitor Höls assumed she repeatedly goes to the fourth-floor archive at which old furniture and still a stuffed crocodile are furthermore stored in condition to retrieve books for library patrons. The wooden box containing the silver coins was even periodically dusted by library staff without an inkling as to how was inside.


A Curious Library has Discovered a Treasure Trove of

Ancient Silver Coins