The process of how companies build products and accessories ecosystems is fascinating. Like the iPhone and iPad continue its dominance in the smartphone market and tablets, other companies are coming up with devices and accessories that can make the IPAD and the iPhone even more useful.

Epson Mega Plex MG 850HD MG-50
Epson Mega Plex MG 850HD MG-50

MG-850HD Epson Megaplex and MG-50 projectors are among the latest examples of this process. These low-end home theater projectors can help project images or text on your iPhone or iPhone. Think about when you’re sitting at home with family and you want to display all the photos you took on your iPhone.

These could be images taken in the office to do, which showed his talent hidden dancing, or photographs of his newborn niece.

These Epson projectors can be very useful even in a work situation that requires a group of people to study together some data or change the presentation material. Instead of exchanging e-mails, a person can keep the material in his / IPAD and connect to the projector.

Others may view the slides on the screen and offer comments to improve the slides. Especially in external locations, where the use of audiovisual equipment can be expensive, have its own projector, even give you a decent payback period, with the MG-850HD a price of U.S. $ 799 and MG-50 in United States $ 699.

Both models use 3-chip technology and LCD have HDMI and VGA ports. Both come with two 10W speakers and can handle video engage IOS devices (IPAD, eg iPhone). The MG-850HD offers a resolution of 720 pixels supported by 2. 800 lumens of brightness, while the MG-50 offers 540 pixels to 2200 lumens.


Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD & MG-50 Projectors