makeover  mind & body
makeover mind & body

Although one of my “40 Under 40” goals this year does not fit in adventure and travel, it’s definitely risky, and something I’ve wanted to do for many years.

As I moved through my 30 years I seems who have fallen comfort zone my appearance. So much so Facebook friends not me seen years tell me that look exactly equal. Not sure if owe flattered or insulted.

Became clear for me this year I no wanted be celebrating my 40 birthday looking what I did in my 39 or 29 even. I knew needed updating but was a little scary taking that leap.

However, despite my reservations, I decided to visit ARU spa and beauty salon in South Surrey to make it happen.

Oram Aaron owner was there to greet me and talk about what I wanted to achieve with my makeover for the day.

He explained that when he and his business partner Derek Bodnarchuk went into business together six years ago, he wanted to bring to mind and body together. He warned that the ARU’s philosophy is to help clients to age gracefully for the development of a sense of wellbeing from the inside out. Her salon believes in being environmentally friendly and sustainable, and works with devotion to giving back (as their link to the latest White Rock Hospice to create a calendar 2012 to raise funds for the organization).

That’s why we started with an interior make-over that was designed to eliminate stress and detoxify the body.

When I entered the room dark and quiet for the start of my makeover, massage therapist Cynthia Stephens explained that I would receive a hot stone massage. It aims to draw tension and stress from the muscles and improve my circulation.

I literally could feel my stress vanish as the place at specific points along my spine, palms of my hands and my stomach to improve the flow of energy in my body.

Later, she provided a facial that helped draw attention to the needs of my skin. As a child of the 1970s, which had grown at a time lying in the sun with coconut oil had an SPF of four was held responsible.

There was some evidence of sun damage, coupled with the lack of adequate hydration. Stephens is quick to offer some feedback and restorative cream that helped clear my skin and correct it.

When I looked in the mirror after the face, I could see the small lines around the eyes and forehead had disappeared. Hallelujah!

It was then time to move on to the manicure that includes exfoliation, a relaxing massage of hands and a large polished dark brown for fall. My hands never looked so good.

The next step was a major one for me. It was time to do my hair.

Luckily for me, was delivered to an expert stylist who understands my concern about any major changes with my hair. After discussing what would be good for the hair (a deep conditioner and two-inch cut), who suggested that the low beams to give more depth of color.

If you’ve ever had a full head of leaves, then you already know you’re in store for some downtime while you wait. However, once the plates were removed and the haircut was that I was in love instantly.

After being blown dry and style my hair felt light and full of body.

A final touch was my makeup application, makeup Muskovich Vera. She opted for a look “smoky” eye, on my eyelids purple (a color I never would have chosen for myself) that made my green eyes “pop”. Then apply a light blush and dramatic base for holding the bones out (was not even aware that there was any). A bright light was applied to the lips at the end to balance the color of dark eyes.

Makeover to Mind and Body