Four more birds and a group of Mosquito infected with West Nile virus have been found around Concord.


The Contra Costa Mosquito and Vector Control District sent an email alert stating that it tarnishes an area in Concord Tuesday night between 7:10 pm and 10 pmTwo of the four birds were found in Concordia, one in Walnut Creek and one in Oakley. The group of mosquitoes found in Brentwood. These findings bring the total in 2011 to four samples of Mosquito and birds 15.

“Our monitoring of the area along with public reporting dead birds has allowed us to locate an area of ??increased risk of West Nile virus,” said Carlos Sanabria, operations manager of the district.

“Our technicians are using a concentrated and diverse strategy for identifying and treating immature Mosquito before they are flying, biting adults. For adult Mosquito already present, let the fog areas that meet specific criteria to reduce the risk of transmission and protect public health, “Birds: A bird was collected in Walnut Creek near Bancroft Road and Oak Grove Road, one of Oakley near West Cypress Road and Empire Avenue, and two of Concord, near Oak Grove Road and Treat Boulevard and Oak Grove Road near and Minert.
Fogging: The Concord area to be treated is bordered by San Simeon unit in the east by Pine Creek and the road north of Whitman, for unity Getoun, Bethany was Britain Dublin west, and down the boulevard to treat in the south end. Residents are also encouraged to reduce their risk by following these guidelines:
Discharge or drainage of standing water. Mosquito can not begin its life without water.
Protect yourself from mosquitoes by using repellents containing DEET, Picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus.
Anonymous calls accepted. Only a careless group can produce more than 1 million mosquitoes and affect residents up to five miles away.
Since 2005, 36 people in Contra Costa County have been diagnosed with West Nile virus. In 2006, two people died of the disease. Studies have shown that most cases are undiagnosed.

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