Office 365 is Microsoft’s suite of tools that seeks to boost adoption in the use of cloud services, to change the way people work, collaborate and communicate. There are service schemes for a predictable payment per month for all types of users, from plans for the corporate sector, medium and small companies, to the health and education sector.

The operation of Office 365 is based on the combined use of solutions such as Skype, SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive, as well as Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, etc.). The implementation of this suite of tools in the company offers great advantages and benefits, which is why we share a four-step approach to help you carry out a successful adoption of Office 365. If you are interested in getting Office 2019 new version for your home, study, or work use, be sure to purchase it at SoftwareKeep as it is released.

Identify scenarios and establish goals
Investigate about the benefits and how the tools of this solution work, identify areas of opportunity in the daily operation of your business and consider scenarios in which Office 365’s capabilities help you improve and streamline your processes. Establish measurable objectives to evaluate the success of the adoption.

Create a plan and assign priorities
Establish a plan of action in phases, to achieve an implementation under the best practices and with better results. Connect Office 365’s capabilities to achieve the achievement of specific business objectives, priority to workloads that help you achieve the achievement of these.

Identify users and assign managers
Identify those users that are key to the implementation process. Assign responsible and priority to the most critical activities, report changes to team leaders, bosses, managers, etc., and seek their support so that they are spokespersons and pioneers in the use of the new solution.

Sensitize the end user
Awareness is an essential step for adoption, as it informs, involves, and inspires users about the value that Office 365 can bring to their day-to-day work. Remember to highlight the vision of the project and the business scenarios you identified in the previous stages of adoption to easily convey the “What does Office 365 offer for me?”

Measure and share the success of your adoption
Once implemented, it is important to continue with a bi-directional feedback process, evaluate the success levels of the project, identify which areas of opportunity in your business objectives were relieved with the use of Office tools 365. Continue to promote the solution and invite your users to continue exploiting their capabilities.