Reclaimed wood pieces come with their own unique story to tell, both in look and feel. If you want to introduce a historic, comforting touch to your household, follow our guide to discover the benefits of this sustainable, stylish material:

What makes reclaimed wood furniture

Furniture that has been crafted from recycled wood is commonly made from shipping pallets or other discarded sources such as old buildings. Occasionally pieces are upcycled from older, out of date or poorly functioning items. The most common types of reclaimed wood are oak, cedar and pine.

The process for creating stunning reclaimed pieces begins with sanding, staining and sealing.

Once the item is shaped it has to be moisturised and waxed to give it a brilliant and refined look.

 Reclaiming, recycling and upcycling’s benefits

Reclaimed wood furniture is highly beneficial to our environment. By recycling materials, less waste is produced. These materials are globally sourced in an ethical fashion and this process does not contribute to unnecessary deforestation. With so many environmental benefits, it’s eco-friendly nature is the reclaimed furniture catgeory’s biggest plus.

Because recycled furniture is crafted by hand, no two pieces are exactly the same, meaning that any reclaimed item that you choose to invest in is truly unique to you and your home. The pieces will have an organic and earthy feel to them which can really bring your space to life – their style fits perfectly with rustic and industrial aesthetics.

How to care for your reclaimed pieces 

Recycled wood furniture that isn’t coated in a finish can simply be cared for with the occasional dusting and wipedown to avoid any stains or permanent marking.

If you’re caring for a recycled wood item that is finished with a wax, the process is slightly different. Wax treated furniture requires closer attention to what is being used to clean and treat it. Stay away from products that contain silicones, ammonias or other harsh chemicals to keep your reclaimed timber in the best condition possible. Because of the coating, waxed items will remain moisturised and protected for longer periods of time. Remember to keep these fixtures out of the sun and away from direct heat sources to avoid any damage. Items that are painted should be treated in the same fashion as a waxed piece however, avoid any pigmented cleaning products – these can cause fading and discolouration.

Due to the material’s overall rustic feel, any small markings, dents and scratches won’t interrupt it’s stylish character. As long as your reclaimed item remains chemical free and out of direct sunlight it’ll wear beautifully for many years to come.

With resilience, individuality and environmental benefits, recycled timber furniture is unrivalled in it’s positive effect on the modern home. Explore the wide array of options and varieties to find the right fit for you! Pieces crafted out of reclaimed wood will look great for years to come, take advantage of discount periods to secure beautiful, classic pieces at a budget friendly price!