Internet Marketing & Seo
Internet Marketing & Seo

A web designer plays an important role in Internet marketing and search engine optimization. He is the person driving more traffic to your website. The main task of a good web designer is to make a website search engine friendly. To drive traffic directly to the right website means, for example – contact form or page in the commercial products have been listed, etc.

Today, it is almost impossible to reach the top of the page Search Engine. Competition everywhere …. Growing site almost every day are hitting the markets. Everyone wants to get to the top of the page of search engines.

As a web designer, you have to put a lot of skills and professionalism to make a web search engine friendly. In this case, we must discuss what is meant by search engines. A search engine friendly website ranks higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the keyword you want. A potential customer looking for a product type a word or phrase to the desired results. Let’s say a customer wants to buy a “LED TV”, you can enter “LED TV in London” or “LED TVs cheap” or “Quality LED TV” or “Best Brand of LED TV, etc “…. . and the list goes on. Here begins the competition … when customers search for a keyword are thousands of websites in the search engine. Usually, a customer chooses a product within the results appeared on the first page of search engine. And all those websites or television companies (in this case) that appear in the second and subsequent pages losing their business. That is why every website you want your website to appear on the front page of the search engine for key phrases right.

The Web designer‘s duty is to choose the right keywords and relevant to the websites of their clients and suggest changes to the web page content and design of the website within established guidelines / standards, so that websites of the highest levels of customer search results for relevant keywords. This involves many skills to analysis and research keywords keyword density.


A Web Designer plays important role in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization