After dipping their feet in the water with some limited mobile applications, Adobe Systems is taking the plunge today with six programs for Android Honeycomb tablets, including the company’s flagship brand, Photoshop.

The programs, each in his debut in November with a price of U.S. $ 10 introduction, they fall under the new brand Adobe touch Applications. And its relationship with the Great Cloud of new Adobe Creative, a service for sharing files, search services, and construction of transfer applications for tablet applications of Adobe Creative Suite running on traditional computers.

Along with Photoshop Touch, other applications are Collage, Debut, Ideas, Kuler, and Proto. Adobe before had gotten a touch interface for computer applications, but more recently was presented the heat a little with their carousel applications for photo editing and sharing.

It is not yet clear that professionals get new applications across the spectrum of optional essential, but clearly Adobe is showing a new competitive fire in the belly after a long period of being criticized for delays in programming paradigms new era.

Ideas already available for IOS, but the five new applications are only available for Honeycomb 3.1, the latest version of Google’s Android operating system for tablets. That will change, however: Of the six application suite, Adobe‘s FAQ says: “Find a Adobe announced in early 2012 about the availability of the application for the iPad Touch.” At least some of the applications are built with air, cross-platform mechanism for packaging Adobe Flash applications and web content, at least in theory, should not be difficult to make them available in other pills.

John Nack, director of Adobe product manager in charge of the applications of tablets, said in a blog today about Photoshop Touch, “Many Adobe applications (Adobe Carousel, Ideas, Photoshop Express, Eazel, Lava color, Nav) and IOS has been released First, and good customer support across platforms. We are busy IOS code as well, so I would not have much of this detail in particular. “Photoshop touch allows people to combine images in separate layers, selecting parts of images with scribbling gestures and refine selections fingertips brush, apply filters, paint with different brushes, and share photos on Facebook.
Collage allows people to combine images, text, drawings, and other content “moodboards” that can be shared in the Great Cloud of Creative. Graphics can be retrieved from Google and Flickr from within the application. It also accepts images from Web sites and files can be annotated with several tools pencil or marker. Debut allows people to view files created with the main programs of Adobe Creative Suite Design – Photoshop for images, InDesign to design and Illustrator vector graphics – that are stored in the Great Cloud of Creative. The idea is to have a vehicle to show work to clients and be able to add annotations.Kuler, online and has been available for years, is a tool for collecting the quintets of colors and share them with others. It also allows people to extract color themes based on photos for a matched palette.Proto lets people create interactive models of Web sites for use with mobile devices. Wire designs can be opened with Dreamweaver when the ideas transferrerd Cloud. And creative is to draw vector graphics with finger movements. It supports layers, Photoshop or Illustrator sharing through the cloud of Creative, and IOS can be used on a large screen monitor.

Adobe tangled with Apple for its restriction of Adobe Flash Player from IOS devices, but the finger tips are clearly a serious effort to make the leap from PC to the tablet – although currently only one of six applications, ideas, runs IOS.

Another big trend in Web sites and advanced applications using the new Web standards. No, Adobe announced today the acquisition of two new companies, Nitobi, producer of tools PhoneGap mobile Web for developers and TypeKit, offering subscriptions to Web feeds. And it showed a significant release new preview Edge.

At the same time, continue working in Flash. Flash 11 will be available at 9 am PT today, along with its close relative, AIR 3, Adobe has announced today. The role of stress, the scene in 3D hardware accelerated 3D graphics interface codenamed grain of sand, it comes with high-level libraries such as Adobe Starlight 2D tools and a handful of 3D packages from others to make use of the low-level interface easier.


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