Taking driver’s test is intimidating for some people. In the United Kingdom, 1.6 million candidates appear for practical driving exams. Approximately, 65% pass theory and 43% pass practical exam. Many just try, try and try again until they finally pass. Exam preparation is a challenging part. If you keep practicing, you will finally get used to driving. You will also have to prepare for the theory test first. And then appear for practical assessment.

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What to expect in theory test?

The theory test includes two sections –

  1. Multiple Choice – It includes 50 questions and candidates need to answer minimum 43 answers right. You get 57 minutes to complete this section. For some questions there will be more than one correct answer and you will see a message if sufficient answers are not chosen. If you are unsure about the answers then ‘flag’ them and come to them later.
  1. Hazard perception – Some clips are shown and candidates have to click when hazards are detected like take some actions like change of direction or speed. If you spot hazard soon than points scored will be more. For each hazard 5 points can be scored. There is a need for minimum 44 points out of 75 for passing. Every film shows one or two hazards. If you think you are smart and keep clicking in pattern then you will be warned and no points get scored on that film.

To clear theory test, candidates need to pass both these sections. Results are given as soon as you finish the test. In case, you don’t get through then you will have to wait for minimum 3 working days prior a retake.

How to prepare for theory test?

  • DVSA has published a handbook, which is jam packed with helpful tips and question. Take time to revise this book.
  • Take hazard perception test with interactive video clips and practice road scanning efficiently to detect distractions like cyclists or pedestrians.
  • Practice answering questions under pressure. Your family or friends can quiz you because you have only limited time to complete both sections.
  • After you feel ready, try mock tests. You can work on your weaknesses before the test date.
  • It is advised to complete minimum 25 hours of revision, so as to ensure good preparation for theory test.

On the day

  • Arrive half an hour early at the test center, so as to minimize the stress.
  • Carry your provisional driving license or you will not be allowed to give the test and there will be no refund.
  • Fifteen minutes are given before the final time to get familiar with the touchscreen. If you feel something is not working properly then tell the examiner prior test starts.
  • Between the first and the second section, you get three minutes break. Stretch, at the desk and take a deep breath then move to the hazard perception section.

Just put in some time and effort to pass theory test easily!