Apple launches its new smartphone: the iPhone 4S. But what if you’re not ready to buy a new phone? For those who keep previous versions of the iPhone, there is Apple‘s newest product, which was released yesterday: iOS 5, the free software upgrade for existing iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPhone devices.Although no one had to queue at Apple store still had to wait. Download times are epic – more than an hour – but the figures of the same. iOS 5 is almost as important as the new iPhone. Like the device itself, iOS 5 is a subtle acknowledgment that the dominance of Apple in intelligent design needs some shoring.

Wisely, Apple did not settle for a simple facelift. The new software is a major upgrade, and since it runs on the venerable iPhone 3G, Touch last year, the iPod and the original iPhone, the new software will bring even older iDevices to date.

After all, it’s a little embarrassing to see how easy it is to compete Android smartphone users to monitor incoming messages. Google Inc. Android creator gave us the “WindowShade”función for quick viewing of the latest e-mails, text messages and missed calls, to swipe up and down. That’s the kind of slick feature a Apple device should have, and now it does. Unified Notification Service 5 iOS goes a little too, allowing you to add small details, such as weather reports constantly updated stock quotes.

Apple iOs 5 features
Apple iOs 5 features

Microsoft Corp. Windows Phone 7 devices make it easy to take pictures even when the phone is in standby mode. Apple saw the light, and add a shortcut to shoot himself. Just press the “home”button twice, and start to break.

Then there is the instant messaging feature that is integrated with BlackBerry phones from Research In Motion Ltd is. Forget the expensive SMS text messaging plans, any BlackBerry user can message any other, for free. Until this week, however, when a mysterious malfunction paralyzed BlackBerry e-mail and instant messaging worldwide.

Apple IOS BlackBerry system copies. Any phone with updated software can ping any other, at any time without charge. Suddenly, millions of angry BlackBerry fans have a new reason to change.

Apple had also fallen behind in the integration of mobile Internet devices, so that, together with iOS 5, we get icloud, an online service that draws a lot better even with cloud-based Android features, and offers much more . As with Android, you can add names to your address book or appointments to your calendar, and have icloud share data with any device that supports IOS. Names pecking on the iPhone 4 is presented in an iPad and iPhone 3G in minutes. Take a picture with the tablet or phone, as these snapshots distributed to other devices and also hosted on the Internet. Old news for users of Android.

But icloud and iOS 5 cash in Apple‘s dominance in digital entertainment. Say you buy a video or recording of music from the iTunes store. Your purchase will be downloaded to your devices automatically. Start the music, and see an inventory of everything you’ve purchased from iTunes. Click to download to your phone or tablet. No need to connect the computer to sync your music, iOS 5 now does it all via Wi-Fi if you want. In fact, you no longer need a PC or Mac to use an iDevice. Even future software updates will be wireless.

For the iPad, new multi-touch features. No need to press a button to get to the home screen. Instead, a touch of the screen with all five fingers, as if squeezing a lemon. To switch from one application to another, slide with four fingers to use the multitasking window, or left or right to scroll through your open applications.

Unfortunately, the new iOS 5 for older Apple devices lack the most interesting news of all: Siri, an “intelligent assistant”program that responds to sound. That is reserved for the new iPhone 4S and dual-processor more robust core.


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