Mehandi is one of the oldest and the most loved Indian tradition, all over the world. Be it, little girls or ladies, they all love to have their hands painted with beautiful and intricate mehndi patterns. But this practice of painting hands with Mehandi is limited to females only as, from ancient times, only ladies used to take part in this activity.

But during a wedding, along with the bride, the groom is also expected to get his hands painted with mehndi. And you can say that a wedding is the only occasion in the life of a man when he wears henna on his hand. This unfamiliarity can sometimes create problems for the guys as they do not know what to expect and what not to. For example, they aren’t habitual of sitting for such long hours, not to do too many movements, facing hunger and stuff like that.

So today we will tell you (all the grooms-to-be), what all needs to be done before sitting down to get your hands (and legs as well) painted with beautiful mehandi design.

First of all, you need to trim/shave the hair on forearms as well a little on leg area nearby the foot. Yes, you need to do this because the grooms are required to have mehandi painted which has very detailed designs. The hair on that area acts as a barrier between the skin and Mehendi due to which the color does not seep in properly.

Before you sit with the mehndi artist, do not forget to wash the hands and legs properly with soap. This will remove any kind dirt from the skin and provide direct contact of the mehndi with skin. It will help the mehndi color seep-in deeper and hence become darker.

Now the process of painting mehndi designs on your hand will take a lot of time. And not being habitual of sitting for such long hours, will become boring (and a tad-bit irritating as well). Therefore we advise keeping your friends nearby who will chat with you, bring food and drink items, also feed you as it will not be possible for you to use the hands. Also, make sure that the area where you are going to sit has a lot of cushions to provide comfort and support.

If you are getting married during the winter season then the wet Mehendi will surely feel cold on the skin. To fight that cold and keep warm, you can ask a family member to light up a siggri (a small charcoal pit) nearby where you can warm the wet mehndi. But take care that too much exposure to the heat will dry out the mehndi too soon; as a result, the color will remain light.

After the mehndi is painted completely, let it dry out naturally. The whole process of drying will take 3-4 hours but if it is possible for you then try keeping it overnight and remove it the next morning. This will let the mehndi color seep into the skin properly and will leave the desired impact.

Please do not wash the Mehendi with water or soap, as this will drastically affect the color of mehndi. To remove it, all you need to is simply rub both the hands gently and this friction will make the dried out mehendi leave the skin. After this, take some Vicks or tiger balm and rub it on the hands as well as the legs. This will help in making the Mehendi stain darker.

We hope after reading the above, you will be more prepared for the upcoming mehendi function. But do not stress about anything, just enjoy the festivities and the day will sail smoothly. Also, we hope that you have booked the Mehendi artist for the function? If not then no issues. Simply visit – India’s biggest online wedding market. Here you will find hundreds of Mehendi artist available in the city and this will save a lot of time which would have been wasted on searching for the artists in the market physically.