There is no easy way to break the news but the day of ballet shoe may be coming to an end. I could not believe it. What idiot to mess with a classic good faith that has been making women feel, if not 100 percent of sight, like Audrey Hepburn. However, in fashion, all good things must come to an end (start to question this precept, and start questioning fashion, and that insanity is on the way).

Goes sandals

Toodle-oo And pump ballet and welcome … well, what?

The accent is strong and a little obvious, to be honest, because it is very easy to work a little androgynous in most closets. More difficult and therefore more intriguing is the velvet slipper – or you Bullingdon style, as is mentioned in some circles.

I know. Alarm bells, accompanied by a voiceover Noël Coward (with a screenplay by Henry Conway and Flavio Briatore), exploded in my head when I saw they were making a comeback. But now that I’ve gotten used to the idea, I’m warming to be fast. If a shoe that reminds me of the men crossing the road to avoid, in the velvet shoe now shows great potential.

Trends: men’s shoes

First, the velvet has a loucheness which makes a change of Princess prettyness tippytoes dancers, second, the longest tongue of a shoe helps create the illusion of an elongated leg (anything helps). Third, it provides a refreshing contrast, worn with jeans and white shirt. Finally, there is plenty of space for monograms and crests. Maybe that’s my reading of this summer Jeeves has rotted the brain, but now seem nice peaks.

Obviously, none of this applies to men, which will be ridiculous in a pair. However, if you are female, the velvet shoe is really popping up everywhere – in Kurt Geiger, Jones, office and Topshop. Best and most luxurious are the Penelope Chilvers – an elegant past brilliance, exquisite craftsmanship and solid (the Spanish shoemaker behind Kate Middleton riding boots).

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Bertie Wooster Walk Tall in Slippers