Card games have always been a popular and entertaining game for people globally. Most people simply go to the market and buy a deck of cards for card games without realizing their difference. You might be surprised to know that decks are different from one another, not bases of the number of cards but based on the cards’ quality. Another significant difference that should be noted is the cards’ material because different material has its own pros and cons.

So do you actually think there is one perfect deck that everyone would like? The answer is no because your choice might not be the same as somebody else’s. Different people have different preferences regarding the deck of cards, and therefore, what is best for one person might not be the right deck for you. Here we are comparing plastic playing cards to paper ones so that you can understand the difference.

Plastic Playing Cards

If you play at the casinos, you might have noticed that almost all the casinos use plastic playing cards. The reason for using plastic playing cards is that they are more durable than other materials. Plastic playing cards retain their shape under the pressure of playing, so they remain usable for a longer period. Their shape retention makes them hard to cheat with, so casinos prefer plastic cards to keep the cheaters away. Plastic cards have a smooth feeling and are pleasant to touch. Their smooth feeling and surface make them easier to shuffle during the game. Plastic playing cards can be cleaned with a damp cloth to make them look new again.

You might not need cards that you can play with all the time. If you play card games with your friends several times a week, you must prefer plastic cards over paper ones. While you play with your friends, it is a common action to eat as well. You can get some drinks or sauces dropped on your cards accidently. Even if you don’t drop anything on your cards, your friends are likely to use their dirty hands after eating on the cards, making them oily.  To make your cards new again, you can simply wash them if they are made up of plastic material. If you don’t wish to wash them, you can simply use a damp tissue.

Paper Playing Cards

If you don’t play with your cards often and are looking for a cheaper alternative, paper playing cards will be your escape. People mostly start playing card games on paper playing cards due to their economic decks. Magicians usually use paper playing cards for their tricks because they are easy to hide. Paper is a biodegradable material, so people who prefer environment-friendly games and types of equipment prefer to buy paper playing cards.

You may think that paper cards will be useless if they get dirty, but that is not the case. You can clean a paper deck with the help of white talcum powder or by simply rubbing a cloth on them gently. You should not make them dirty in the first place. Try to avoid eating near them, or touching them with oily hands.