Importance of maths in our life is that it makes our life organised and avoids the mess. It helps in managing finances and generates problem-solving skills in a person. Here we will discuss MATHEMATICS CLASS 6.

Class 6 is very critical in secondary education. At this stage, learning should be effective and interest has to be generated in the students. Due to the absence of knowledge of the subject, students lose interest over time. Class 6 mathematics is the base of learning, it is a backbone which makes easier to study other crucial subjects.

Class 6 mathematics includes the following chapters.

  • Knowing Numbers: This chapter includes the understanding of numeration, assessment of large no.s and roman numbers and comparing the large no.s.

  • Whole Numbers: it introduces the whole numbers and fundamental idea of whole numbers. It also includes topics such as predecessor and successor. The representing of natural no.s on a number line is also included.
  • Playing with Numbers: This chapter is quite fascinating and interesting as it introduces to the no. of factors and multiples of a no. It includes the prime, composite no.s and the joint factors and joint multiples. Searching Highest Common Factor and Least Common Method through prime factorisation method.
  • Fundamental Geometrical Ideas: It introduces to the line segment i.e., gap/distance among 2 points. Various concepts on the basis of angle, regular polygon, quadrilateral, triangle, circle and radius of circle are included. Kind of lines like parallel and intersecting lines.
  • Understanding Basic Shapes: It introduces to calculate the sizes of various figures. Different shapes like polygons, triangles and circles are included to calculate the circumference and areas of the figures.
  • Integers: This section begins with a simple exercise and then presents the concept of -ve no.s. Further, it represents the integers on the number line. The adding and subtracting of no.s on the number line is also taught in the chapter.
  • Fractions: It includes fractions on number line, proper, improper and mixed fractions and comparing fractions. Adding and subtracting of fractions, simplest form of fractions and like fractions are the basic topic included in this chapter 
  • Decimals: It begins with the simple concept and then gradually plunges into complex exercises of decimals. The basic topics included in this are comparing, adding and subtracting of decimals.
  • Mensuration: It includes the perimeter, area and volume of various shapes. Initially, it introduces with the circumference of simple figures like a rectangle and regular shapes and then moves on to the area and volume.
  • Algebra: It introduces algebraic expressions and their characteristics. The chapter begins with the simple instances of matchstick models and then introduces variables and at the end, expresses equations.
  • Ratio and Proportion: It introduces the section by giving knowledge about the ratios and gradually moves towards the questions of ratios and then to proportion and ends up with the instances in reference to Unitary method.
  • Symmetry: It includes 3 exercises. It introduces the two-line symmetry, multiple lines of symmetry and compares reflection and symmetry.
  • Practical Geometry: It includes the line of symmetry and by folding the shape alongside the line to coincide the pieces which show whether the figure s symmetrical or not.

All the above chapters are included in the NCERT book of Class 6. 6TH CLASS MATHS STUDY MATERIAL is also available in the market which provides extra and quality material to the student to study.