Like many seniors, I am living on a fixed income. My budget is very careful, down to the cent, and I try not to overspend on luxuries throughout the year. However, when my granddaughter and her partner announced they were moving in together, I decided to spend a little extra to show my support. I wanted to get them a gift that would last a long time and be very useful in their new home, something they could have for many years to come. So, I decided to get them a food processor.

Of course, life on a fixed income means that you’ll take any bargain you can get. Instead of buying a new machine from a big box store, I took some time to look for used machines online (with the help of my grandson). We looked at a few different sites, but every used machine that was available seemed either too old and not in good enough condition. Finally, we found Kitchen Works USA and I was greatly relieved.

Kitchen Works’ Cuisinart food processors parts aren’t used. In fact, they are purchased directly from the Cuisinart warehouse. However, Kitchen Works still offers these machines at a lower price than you’d find in a department store. This is ideal for someone like me, as my income requires that I spend as little as possible whenever I can.

I was also impressed by the selection of replacement parts for sale in the online store. As someone who has used a Cuisinart food processor for decades, I know just how important this machine can be for a home cook. If your blade breaks or (god forbid) the bowl itself is damaged, your abilities in the kitchen drop by half at least!

Being able to replace individual parts, rather than buying a new machine when something breaks, will save people plenty of money in the long run! I think it’s wonderful that Kitchen Works USA is offering its customers quality brands like Cuisinart without charging them an arm and a leg.

Thanks to Kitchen Works USA, I was able to purchase a 14-cup food processor for my granddaughter. The ordering process was simple enough (even for a computer luddite like me), and I was very pleased with the product when it arrived. It was in good condition, arrived quickly, and my granddaughter and her partner were very happy to receive it. They even made me dinner in their new apartment a few weeks later to show off their cooking skills!

I am so grateful to Kitchen Works USA. With their reduced prices, they allowed me to give my grandchild a special gift — despite my limited finances. I’m sure this company has facilitated many happy memories around the dinner table through its products, and I am glad that my family got to join the ranks of Kitchen Works benefactors. I know that I will be coming back to this website the next time that I or my granddaughter need a replacement part for our food processors.