You can have the most detailed and complete contact, and chances are, you will still run into a dispute. The construction industry is booming across the United States, especially in the state of Arizona. With more construction projects come more contracts, which leads to more contract disputes.


What are the Most Common Contract Disputes?

When working on any construction project, you will need a contract. This contract is usually complex leading to several types of disputes.


The most common dispute comes from a lack of understanding the conditions listed in the dispute. Also, disputes arise when there are delays in the project or failure to comply in a timely manner during the project.


Other disputes include failure to pay, failure to adhere to all conditions listed in the contract, or any changes to the contract without the consent of all parties involved.



Even though it is hard to completely prevent disputes during a construction project, there are things you can do to make these disputes happen less often.


The key is a clear and concise contract. Especially when it comes to payment details. Always include when the payment is due, the best way to make the payment, and what happens if there is a late payment.


Changes and modifications may come up from time to time during a construction project. Make sure to include a clause in your contract discussing what happens when this occurs. Plans should never be confusing, but when they are, things can be misinterpreted easily. All plans should be just like contracts, clear and concise with all details included. 


Communication is Key

Just like with anything, communication is always key to a smooth construction project process. When miscommunication happens, especially when it comes to the contract, these disputes will happen.


At the end of the project, if any defects are found, it could result in a dispute as well. This is why communication should always be strong and any changes or delays to the project should be communicated right away.


How to Handle These Disputes

Of course, you will want to talk with a trusted construction law attorney if you run into these disputes. Always address these disputes professionally and promptly.


Also, be aware that more than one dispute could be on the table or that a dispute could lead to other disagreements. You can always try to reach an agreement without the need of lawyers but always consult with a lawyer to determine the best course of action for you.


The ideal scenario is to avoid court at all costs. You can attend mediation to solve disputes, which is where a mediator acts as a judge, but it is less costly and less time consuming than court. Or Arbitron, which is just like mediation and uses a neutral party to help resolve disputes. 


Working with a Construction Law Attorney

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