There are many ways to purchase the plants and flowers you need for your new or established garden. Online, big box stores, a friend or family member who is dividing their plants, or – your local nursery.

When it comes to new gardeners, nothing beats the opinion and expertise of a person who works with plants for a living. There’s no denying that plants are complex organisms and keeping them healthy requires knowledge and practice.

Not only does the staff at your local Dundas garden centre know everything about the specific plants in stock, they also know your local conditions: your brutal winters versus muggy summers, which plants are susceptible to mildew, or just how dry that sidewalk garden will become when water restrictions kick in. They will steer you to the right plants for the right space— which is crucial to garden success.

Coupled with their knowledge of the conditions in your unique city or town, they can also provide thoughtful plant choices. For instance, if you live in an apartment or condo you may think you can’t create much of a garden. However, you don’t need to have a huge outdoor space to introduce nature into your life. A tree pit or a windowsill can be your garden with the right plants from your local Dundas Garden Centre, like The Dutch Mill.

Another great thing about choosing a local garden centre for your plants and shrubs is that they work with local growers, and the advantage of planting natives is multifold. They are hardwired to your climate; they tend to be low-maintenance, as long as they are planted in conditions similar to the ones they experience in their natural habitats and, finally, you are boosting biodiversity by growing plants that are not exotic invasives.

Many local nurseries also rely on local growers to supply their stock. The carbon footprint of the massive growing industry is not a small one. Buying from businesses that source locally means you have slashed the ironically high carbon transport cost of your new tree or plant. A native plant might look pedestrian, but if it’s grown well or in a thoughtful container or juxtaposed interestingly it can still be sublime.

Unfortunately, today independent Garden Centres face many challenges. Fickle real estate markets and the constant threat of development loom large. Nurseries sell living stock, that are susceptible to pests and extreme weather. Hosting and caring for large numbers of plants is physically demanding and time consuming. Big box stores with lower prices, little variety, and less intel may lure shoppers that are unaware of the significant benefits that come with buying from independent nurseries and Garden Centres.

Next time you need a plant, head for the business that knows its business. The Dutch Mill Market in Dundas, Ontario is both a Garden Centre and Open Air Market, where everything is locally grown and always fresh. Visit them today for all of your Garden Centre needs.