Using what may be the best news for chocolates since scientists within the College of Cambridge learned that greater chocolate consumption was connected getting a substantial reduction in heart disease, diabetes and stroke, researchers within the College of Granada are verifying it is also associated with ‘abnormal’ levels of total body body fat deposits – inside the physiques of adolescents no less than.

The researchers within the Faculty of medication and Faculty of Exercise and Sports Sciences completed research made up of 1,458 European adolescents aged between 12 and 17 years old and situated that doesn’t only did greater chocolate consumption not create a increase in body body fat deposits inside the participants, nevertheless it really was associated with ‘abnormal’ levels of total body fat – body fat deposits all over the body and central-abdominal body fat – regardless of diet and exercise.

The study thought total body fat deposits through body mass index, waist circumference and the entire body fat percentage, which was measured by skinfolds and bioelectrical impedance analysis. ‘abnormal’ levels of total and central body fat deposits were noticed in participants with greater chocolate intake, regardless of age, sex, sexual maturation, total energy intake, exercise and use of fatty meals, fruits, vegetables, tea and coffee.