Motorcycles are a fun and convenient mode of transport, but like any other means of transport, there is a danger of being involved in an accident.  As you are recovering, you might be wondering which motorcycle accident lawyer you should contact to help you with your case.

Like any other accident, you might need a personal injury attorney with experience handling motorcycle accident cases to represent you in getting your compensations.

Motorcycle accident injuries might derail the day to day life as you may have to spend some time recovering. You do not have to contact a lawyer immediately after the accident, but it is recommended that you do not wait for too long. When you are looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer, there are certain things you might need to check first before giving them your case:


Experience is very important when handling motorcycle accident cases. The experience helps them navigate through laws and regulations that cover motorcycles. You need a relevant attorney to gather evidence, negotiate, and prepare for trial to ensure you get the best compensations. When talking to the attorney, ask them if they have dealt with several motorcycle accident cases.


The legal profession is a vast field with many areas of specialization. Attorneys will choose the areas that they want to focus on and open firms to offer those specific services. For example, after passing the bar, an attorney can decide to open a law firm and only take matters concerning tax law. You cannot ask a tax law attorney to represent you in a motorcycle accident case since they will not take your case. They can only help you find an attorney that specializes in handling motorcycle accident cases.

Winning Track Record

During the interview, ask your attorney about their success rate of handling motorcycle cases. The attorney might have handled many motorcycle accident cases, but their success rate is abysmal. You want an attorney who can guarantee that you will succeed in claiming compensation for damages caused by the defendant’s negligence.

Communication Skills

You want an attorney that will be there when you need to talk regarding your case. Attorneys are usually busy; they handle many clients and might not get time to answer your phone calls. However, a good attorney will make sure they call back and answer your queries. Check how they address their colleagues and staff when you visit them at the office.

An Attorney Who Will Handle Your Case Personally

Sometimes, an attorney will hand over your case to another lawyer, a paralegal, or an intern. A paralegal or intern may have some knowledge about legal procedures but lack the experience of an attorney. Therefore, ask if the attorney will be the one handling the case and make sure they are aware of your expectations.

You should note that personal injury cases have time limits as provided in the statute of limitations. In Indianapolis, the statute of limitations requires you to fail your claim within two years of the accident. You do not have to contact your lawyer the next day; if your injuries are severe, you should wait until you can move. An attorney needs time to prepare, so if you contact them when only a month is left, you reduce the chances of winning a reasonable settlement.

Find the Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Many people enjoy riding their motorcycle, but every ride comes with the risk of an accident. If you get into an accident and suffer significant injuries, you will need a motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you. Use the tips to find a good attorney and increase your chance of getting good compensation.