If you’re planning a memorable celebration this summer like your wedding, then consider a spectacular fireworks display. These beautiful bursts of colour are a superb way to end a special evening. Everyone will be fascinated and will always remember that extra pop, pop, pop that lights up a nighttime sky. Fireworks have been used during ceremonial events for centuries and have an incredible ancient history. Dating back to the Han dynasty (200 B.C.), the Chinese discovered these colourful explosions from green bamboo that had been accidentally thrown on a fire. Soon, the explosive reaction these raw reeds emitted became popular at festive events like weddings, babies’ births and coronations. The Chinese believed these explosive lights brought people good luck and kept away the evil spirits.

Today, a number of celebrities walking down the aisle surprise their guests with an amazing display to cap their special day. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the latest newlyweds to seal their extravagant nuptials with a gorgeous display. The couple lit up the sky with a gorgeous fireworks display after the rehearsal dinner at the historic Palace of Versailles. You do not have to be a wealthy, global celebrity to include these colourful bursts at your wedding, however. There are so many kinds of incredible displays to select from at affordable prices when you do your shopping online.


Fireworks have come a very long way, and there’s a big bang display that will please everyone. Roman candles are a classic option, and with good reason. These single tubes fire out many colourful shots with a loud bang. Some people prefer the longer lasting fountains, which offer dreamy displays of colour at a height of up to 12 feet. Or how about the mighty mortar shells? You get a major boom when you light up these high trajectory bursting aerial shells. If you’re trying to reach the heavens, then rockets and missiles can help you get there. Watch these stunning and colourful explosions of light shoot up into the nighttime sky. Absolutely awesome!

That’s just scratching the surface. These popular, light explosions also come in ground spinners and aerial spinners, such as smokes and snakes, parachutes, wheels, and sparklers. There are even daytime sky thrillers. Playing safe is key when it comes to enjoying these wonderful bursts of colour, especially when there are young children around. A few tips to remember: Do not hold them in your hand or have any part of your body over them while lighting. Wear some sort of eye protection and always point them away from homes. Keep away from brush and leaves and flammable substances and do not allow children to pick up pieces after an event, as some may still be ignited and can explode at any time.

Remember, these displays are all about the fun and celebration. Lighting them up at a summer wedding is just the icing on the cake!You can find exactly what you are looking for and design your very own display when you shop online at retailers, like Rocket Fireworks (visit them at www.rocketfireworks.ca), who offer deep discounts. That is definitely the way to get your explosive bang on without stretching your wallet!


Give Your Summer Wedding A Little Something Extra