Many users of Google AdWords are reporting a change in the keyword tool from Google. Competition data is showing a range of high, medium and low instead of the green bar is used to see if you searched for terms. The green bar represents how competitive was the keyword in Google AdWords. You can calculate more or less depending on the amount of green that would be a figure of between 10-10. Now, with the scale of high, middle and lower class can see how Google ranks keywords related to the competitiveness of only three parameters. These are displayed in a text based description of which no longer displays the green competitiveness.

While everything has been replaced by the high, medium and low you can still access Google and download a report for the exact number that the green bar is used to represent. This should give you a figure number as it always has. He said if the last download feature, but for now still reports the same data that we saw before. For anyone following this, or use it daily to determine the competency of keywords that will now only be able to see Upper, Middle and Lower representing:

Low –                     Competitiveness in AdWords is at 0.33
Environment –   Competitiveness between 0.33 and 0.66 AdWords
High –                     Competitiveness is more than 0.67 AdWords

All data shown is directly related to AdWords data, costs and competitiveness and general non-organic search. The more competition there is, the higher the score will be. Here are the top 20 keywords for AdWords more expensive. The keyword is higher “Insurance” is at a high level and the average cost for each CPC around $ 54.91 per click.