2020 has been a bit of a rubbish year. From north to south, east to west, each of us is suffering in our own way. None of us could have been prepared for what this year had to offer… but now that we have some idea that Covid-19 could last into 2021 –let’s talk gadgets.

Which home items has this year made into vital equipment? We took a closer look to find out.

2020, Gadgets, And The Things We Can’t Live Without

This year really can’tget much worse. However, we have found a range of gadgets making 2020 that little bit more tolerable.Let’s delve in and find out whatthey are…

1 –Sugru Glue

Sugru does a lot more than just no drill shelves! You can use it to stick things together, yes, but it also sets into a dense waterproof rubber, therefore giving you multiple options in digital tech repair. Broken camera lens? Sugru can fix it. Need to mount a scope without an adapter? Make one by moulding it. Want to protect your phone and tablet with some rubberised edges? Sugru has got you. It is a single product that has a million and one uses. See how many you can find.

2 –Wireless Phone Chargers

One of the biggest products of this year in terms of sales, a wireless phone charger will give you a radius wherein your phone starts to charge. Leave it on the charging pad or walk around your home and watch your battery charge as you do it. If you spend a lot of time outdoors (some of us have turned to hillwalking and running) then a solar charger is the next best thing.

3 –Posture Correctors

For some reason, CloudWays research have this as a top selling product of 2020. Why? Since we are all working at home and we don’t all have desks there, we are giving in to the nightmare of bad posture. If you don’t correct it, you end up with extra weight and a bad back. If you want to fix it, one of these devices is worn much like you would wear a bra, but on your shoulders. It pulls and pushes in all the right places in order to bring your posture back to the correct form and keep you free from pain.

4 –Car Phone Holders

OK, so we had these before 2020, but they were bulky, obtuse, and normally fell out mid-journey. Some genius had the great idea to use magnets to attach your phone to the dash and now we can’t get enough. You can answer calls on the go using a truly hands-free system with these, causing minimum distractions and – most importantly – increasing road safety. If you happen to live in the UK, the law is changing so that drivers cannot have their phones in their hands when driving. In 2021, sales of these are expected to rise to match.

Get Sorted!

If you start now, you can have a whole home office fitted out to make you feel better. 2020 might have been a bad year, but we can at least make it a little more comfortable towards the winter months.