Your bridesmaids may have different body shapes and you might be having a hard time looking for the best bridesmaid dresses to flatter them but choosing a bridesmaid dress should not be stressful as your bridesmaids will be there to help you out. There are however some things you need to remember when you start thinking which dresses you want them to wear on your grand day.

  1. Budget

It may be awkward to be telling your friends about money concerns but before they say yes to your proposal, expectations have been discussed for sure. This may have lessened the awkwardness and the bridesmaids would surely be in full support of you for your big day.

  1. Personalities

Your friends certainly do not have the same personality. Each one has her own taste. Thus, there would be differences in choices amongst them. Your meetings may also end up to debates just because of the bridesmaid dress. Furthermore, if it continues, there is always an unpleasant dispute amongst them. To avoid this situation, you can simply have them meet halfway. You may also just choose mix and match themed bridesmaid dresses.

  1. Size

Consider the differences amongst your friends. Your bridesmaids will not be of the same size and height which is why there are a lot of unique stories involving bridesmaid dresses. Do an assessment for your bridesmaids- their age and possible sizes. There are a lot of online sites like JJ’s House who offer standard sizes, plus sizes and even custom size, which can greatly help you in choosing which dress will make your friends look most gorgeous.

  1. Style or Silhouette

With the body shapes and figure differences, you may also consider which style would look best for your bridesmaids. There are 5 silhouettes so far- A-line style, ball gown style, sheath style, trumpet/mermaid style and empire style. Among these 5 styles, A-line style is highly recommended for all body types as it is not tight fitting, it does not emphasize a body figure especially for those who are so much concerned about their shapes. Next to this would be a ball gown style however it may make your moving around a little difficult. Sheath style is tight fitting and it may emphasize what you wanted to cover; likewise, for trumpet style, this emphasizes the curves of one’s body. Empire style dresses however would cover your waist area if you are too much concerned about your stomach. After deciding the styles, you can choose the color and similar fabric and they can choose which silhouette will look good on them.

  1. Color

Some colors are more favorable as they are believed to make you look slimming and elegant, just like the color black, but this is also the same for all monotone colored dresses such as blush bridesmaid dresses. One single color is usually a perfect choice as they do not clash with the wedding colors; meanwhile which color to choose can still be talked over with your bridesmaids.