Finding the perfect gear for any trip is a tricky task, let alone finding the right camper trailer. They are a huge investment and long-term commitment, so making the wrong choice is sure to induce quite a bit of buyer’s regret down the line, which nobody wants right? Right, so you need to make the best decision for you and your entire family. The perfect camper really is your key to unlocking the outdoors, it’s going to let you roam and explore freely whilst it keeps you and your kids safe, cared for and comfortable. Read on to discover what you need to consider when you’re searching for the best camper trailer for all your family staycations:


Before anything else, comes the budget. By determining how much you’re planning on spending, you’ll already be narrowing down the wide pool of camper trailer options. Consider aspects such as durability and weight whilst you’re deciding how much you’re prepared to spend. This is a long-term investment, after all, so you should be informed on what’s going to make your trailer last.


When securing a camper trailer for the whole family, space is a very important factor. Of course, this will largely depend on how many family members you have. If you’re a small unit of three or four, opt for a four-person trailer, anything bigger you’ll need to hunt for a camper that’ll be able to accommodate six or so bodies.


Investing in a camper trailer enables you to enjoy a few basic facilities, like drinking water and beds, however, you should also mull over the potential additions that some trailers offer. You can choose add-ons like canvas walls, shower units, a small fridge and utility brackets. There are always enhancements on offer, so always ask for a list of potential additions when you’re shopping around, they can transform a trailer into a mobile home away from home, so they’re well worth considering.

Car Compatibility

Trailers have to be attached to your car, so don’t neglect the need for car compatibility. If you have a more compact vehicle, you’ll need to look for a really lightweight, preferably smaller model. Whereas if you’ve got a 4×4 that’s pretty sturdy, you have a couple more options. 


The segment falls into two major categories, off-roading and traditional.

Off-roading is great when you want a little extra freedom. By finding a trailer that’s made for venturing off-road, you’ll be able to explore more exciting terrains. If you’re a family of adventurers, you should definitely consider finding yourself a camper that’s suitable for off-road exploring.

Traditional trailers aren’t built for tackling tough terrain, instead this is the perfect option if you’re staycations are a little more relaxed. If you plan on heading to campsites to enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer, go for something more suited to traditional trailer travel.

Once you’ve considered these factors, you can start exploring! Head online to find some stellar articles than will direct you towards the best family camper for your staycation, look at a few magazines or even head to your local camping trade show, wherever you turn, there’s great advice out there. By carefully considering how to invest in your family adventure, you can feel entirely sure that your decision will be the best one for you and the gang. Remember that camper trailers for staycations are a long-term commitment, so get ready to have countless trips that’ll be remembered for many years to come!