When a loved one dies, you will want to remember them fondly. One of the better ways to do this is ensuring that their grave is memorable. Some people think that you can simply go and pick one, and that’s it. However, a proper headstone can reflect a person’s tastes and personality, which can help keep their memory alive. Here’s what you should do when you are in the market for a headstone:

Settle on a Type

There are several types of headstones out there. One of the more common ones is the upright headstone. This is the tradition headstone you find on graves, visible to everyone with the name and the dates. Upright headstones are usually made from sturdy materials and are pretty durable. Ornate decorations are often engraved onto them.

The non-standard gravestones are the flat and curbed headstones. Flat gravestones are headstones that are flat on the ground. They are less ostentatious than upright headstones, and they can be decorated in their way. Curbed headstones are a significant investment. These are full-body gravestones that cover the entire plot. These are thick and can be personalized for your loved one. They can be pretty expensive, but you will catch people’s eyes with them.

Choose a Material

The material of the gravestone is essential. The most common one is granite. It is a favorite because it is very adaptable and is available in different colors. Plus, it is very durable. Another preference is white marble, which is pretty smooth and looks great. However, it is quite fragile. Limestone is another favorite stone, but it is even more delicate. You can also decide to go metal. Bronze is a favorite because of its durability. It is a bit more expensive than granite, though.

Decide on the Design

With the material ready, it is time to work with what you want to find on the gravestone. This includes everything from engravings to the finish. The engraving details will consist of the things you want to see on the stone and the font to use for the writing. You might want to include designs and images. You can have a gravestone that will remind you of your loved one, so think about it for a while.

Learn the Rules

Headstones in Ogden and other locations sometimes have restrictions placed on them. Some materials are prohibited from some cemeteries. These usually cover limestone and white marble because they can break easily, and the cemetery doesn’t want to be liable. Other restrictions also include how big the gravestones can be. Contact the cemetery administration before you pull the trigger on the headstone so that you know the rules to follow when getting a gravestone.

In the end, a useful grave marker ensures that you will always know where your loved ones are in the cemetery and help keep their memory alive. The tips above should help you make your loved one’s grave look nice. You won’t regret your choice when you come back to visit it.