IBM supercomputer system, best known for defeating the world’s best “Jeopardy!” players on television, is being used by one of the nation’s largest insurers of health to help diagnose medical problems and authorize treatments.WellPoint Inc., which has 34.2 million members, will integrate the lightning speed of Watson and health databases in its existing patient information, helping to choose between treatment options and medications.

The application of WellPoint will combine data from three sources: letter from a patient and electronic records that a doctor or hospital, the history of the insurance company of medications and treatments, and Watson huge library of textbooks and medical journals.

IBM says the team can sift through everything and answer a question at times, providing several possible diagnoses or treatments, by order of the team’s confidence, together with the basis of their response.

“Imagine having the ability within three seconds to look through all that information, to its being so far presented scientific and based on the medical needs of patients at the time

“We’re really trying to bring a tool for suppliers who are successful, contributing to better target the results, which is how we want to reimburse physicians in the future.

A pilot program will be launched early next year in several cancer centers, academic medical centers and oncology practices.

WellPoint is the nation’s largest publicly traded health insurer based on enrollment. It operates Blue Cross plans Blue Shield in 14 states, including New York and California.

Neither side would say how Armonk, New York-based IBM is paying. Watson is the first money he has earned for the company $ 1 million he won on “Jeopardy! “Earlier this year was given to charity.

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IBM Putting Watson for Work In Health Insurance