Students must have a better idea about the concepts covered under each subject as they are continued in higher grades as well. Mathematics, Science and Social Science are the subjects which require practice from the exam point of view. The textbook questions can be solved with the help of NCERT Solutions Class 9 Social Science.

In order to perform well in the board exam, students can solve the textbook questions using NCERT Solutions Class 10 Social Science designed by experts. This subject contains concepts which can be remembered only by practicing on a daily basis. Some of the important tips which the students can follow to score well in the exams are given below. 

1. Prepare a presentation of difficult concepts

Students can understand the concepts which are covered under each chapter by using the important points. These points can be highlighted and sentences can be formed on their own as per CBSE guidelines. 

2. Cover all the important concepts

The concepts of all the three divisions namely history, geography and economics must be covered as per exam point of view. It will help students understand the concepts and score well in exams. 

3. Methods of studying

Important dates and events from history must be noted down and byhearted daily, geographical maps must be practiced and economics concepts must be understood with live examples. When students practice these methods, they can appear for the exam without any fear. 

4. Dates and Events

Dates and years when the events have occured in history are important from the exam standpoint. Students must memorize it in such a way even if the dates are rearranged they should be able to answer the events, which occurred on that particular date. 

5. Places where the events occurred

Remembering the places where great events occurred in history is one of the challenging tasks for the students. By creating patterns on maps, students will be able to remember the places where the various events happened. 

6. General guidelines for exam preparation

Prepare a schedule which covers all the concepts covered under each subject based on the exam perspective. Study on a daily basis and perform various other activities to keep the mind refreshed before appearing for the exam.