If you’re a blogger, then we’re sure you’ve been in a situation that can not enter into WordPress or Tumblr, or you need to get something to the world fast on Twitter or Facebook.

Instablogg lets you set up a blog instantly and anonymously in a matter of seconds. Even if you are a blogger and want to establish your own blog, Instablogg is perfect for quick publication.

I can not see the service of adding more features, and its simplicity is what attracts you, but is seeking applications Instablogg features here.
It shows a familiar WYSIWYG editor as soon as you visit Instablogg. You do not have to register or log all accounts. Just give your blog entry a title and begin to enter what you want, including photos, video features, and its text.


Of course, Instablogg not have a video or a hosting service, since this is a simple no frills approach and instant publishing. You can have private mail, or the public.

They give you a unique URL to edit your post, but if you lose, you’re in luck because, of course, there is a registration process to claim their place.

Obviously, if you are a serious blogger and want your own design, themes, and the brand, then you should look for another service.
Share your message

Once you’ve written and published his message and want to share with the world, a simple design includes a portion of Instablogg Twitter button, a button like Facebook, and even an action button that includes services like Digg.


Instablog Lets Create & share Blog Post Without Even Signing Up