The trusty pencil, a lifelong stationery companion for everyone from children, to students, artists and the everyday office person. Everyone on earth has used a pencil, but what happens when you accidentally misspell a world or your pencil goes rogue when sketching? You need an eraser, and funnily enough there is more than one type of eraser out there for you to choose from.

With an eraser for every need, we break down what type is best used for each writing faux pas.

  1. Rubber Eraser

The good ole’ rubber eraser, the staple in every student’s pencil case. Gentle yet firm, they won’t ruin your paper unless you overdo the aggression. These rubbers pull graphite from the paper and leave ‘crumbs’ which you sweep away and can be found on the tip of almost every pencil due to their sturdy nature. You will always be able to find rubber erasers in stationery stores like Milligram and at the end of your pencils.

  1. Gum Erasers

Softer than your rubber erasers, gum erasers (also known as an art eraser) are slightly slightly translucent in colour. Like the rubber erasers these leave crumbs, but instead of lifting the graphite these actually absorb it. These are also designed to crumble as you use them so that they don’t tear the delicate paper, but it also means they won’t last as long. This classic gum eraser from Milligram comes dressed in a small calico bag for the ultimate luxe feel.

  1. Kneaded Erasers

Like an adult’s version of playdough, this type of eraser is soft and extremely pliable – meaning you’ll have lots of fun in the office making sculptures with this one. The great thing about this eraser is that you can mold it into any shape that you want, so you can make it as thick or fine as you need. If you’re working with charcoal, kneaded erasers are a must because they actually lift graphite and charcoal off the paper, leaving you with no smears.

If you’re using this eraser, the best way is to press, rotate and pull the eraser from the your surface rather than rub like you usually would.

  1. Vinyl Erasers

The strongest of all the erasers, these bad boys are also called plastic erasers. Very strong and robust, vinyl erasers are able to even lift ink from the paper making them the ideal choice for draftsmen. Best used on stronger paper like this Art Cahier Sketchbook from Milligram, their toughness means that if you do use it on more delicate paper there will be a large chance that you rip your page – so be careful!

  1. Pencil Erasers

No, not the small rubber things at the end of your pencil, but an actual eraser shaped like a pencil and with a vinyl tip. The tip allows you to sharpen the eraser like you would with a normal pencil, making it an excellent choice for precise work. Don’t forget to be gentle because it is made out of vinyl, and will rip if you’re too rough.