Mobile handsets have become an inseparable part of our regular life. It is a dire necessity for today’s generation. With the innovation of high-tech advanced Oppo mobile phones in the industry, the demand for smartphones had suddenly reached the top in the demographics. Oppo Electronics Corp. is the manufacturer of electronics based in China, popularly known for its hi-tech featured smartphones. The company also makes MP3 players, portable media players, LCD-TVs and DVD players, but Oppo smartphones have no words- reflects the epitome of luxury.

Oppo mobile phones are best known for their impeccable camera quality and stylish appeal. Rightly known as the ‘camera phone’, Oppo phones are for selfie experts and hi-tech mobile features lovers. However, the brand not only strives to disrupt the selfie technology, but also packed with a bundle of quality hardware and software, all at affordable price ranges. You can find all the latest Oppo smartphone models online at paytmmall app with lucrative festive offers, discounts, vouchers, and many other deals.

  1. OPPO K1: Elegance in style

Get the all-new smartphone experience with the Oppo K1. The model features a 16.25cm screen size (6.4) Waterdrop screen with AMOLED Display that will broaden up every visual that you see on the screen. The 91% screen to body ratio ensures an increased screen size.

Delightfully enhanced screen size in a slim and slick body is what attracts the phone lovers. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE mobile platform, this particular model gives you a super-responsive performance while consuming low battery.

  • High-resolution camera quality

OPPO K1 built-in with 16MP + 2MP dual rear camera that can smartly recognize 120 scenes combination to fine-tune colors of your photographs. The artificial intelligence portrait mode picture gives you a beautiful depth of motion effects, making your pictures appear like they have been clicking from the DSLR. In the front of Oppo K1 is a 25 MP AI beauty selfie camera that captures 296 feature points of the face.

  • HI-Tech featured smartphone

OPPO K1 has been equipped with a fingerprint scanner, which requires you to just touch the screen of the phone and it will automatically match your fingerprint and then unlock the screen.

  1. OPPO F9 Pro

OPPO FP Pro is exclusively for those who like to beat the trend and want to buy the one which works with smart technology. This Oppo mobile phone is especially for those who like to buy the best one without worrying that their phone may run out of charge. The model comes with a VOOC Flash Charge Technology which can give you up to two hours of talk time after a mere 5 minutes of charging.

  1. OPPO F7

If you are a selfie lover or addicted to clicking photos of a new destination, OPPO F7 is right for you. This model of Oppo built-in with an AI featured 25 MP selfiecamera quality that runs on sensor HDR technologies and AI Beauty 2.0 to bring out the best detailing of your face, assuring you click the most flattering selfie.

With multiple models and a range of smartphones across several generations to choose from, OPPO truly has phones for everyone. Whatever the model you buy online with paytmmall app, one thing is for sure, you will never regret buying Oppo!