Nicoll even worked a lot of baby blue, number one fashion without any color, in good measure. At times it seemed that the bet could be left with a broken ladder. Blush pink or powder blue chiffon skirt hoops, worn with camisoles or frilly chiffon babydoll dust caps, some with ruffles on the front leak will be difficult to sell in stores – or hopefully already not going to make the half for many women at work, or anywhere else you want to look feminine rather than another candidate for Beckham Harper.


It is possible that after power dressing, but since when kitting you out as if going to a party the night a realistic path to be taken seriously? Wait, what am I saying? This has to Rebecca Brooks and the names of Sarah Brown, written all over it.

The Doris Day cutesy atmosphere was re-reported with a soundtrack sixties bed and fabulous hair – that’s all well and good for a show, but what can the rest of us take from this? Well, once Nicoll began to subvert his subject, looked at him. A pastel gown in the patent begins to look much more decadent than it did in chiffon. What must be put with a micro mini neoprene ankle boots transparent (no place to hide a bad pedicure)? The black and white floral capris took the current fashion of pants and patterns make you look strong and elegant, too.

None of this always many obvious choices for the growing group of loyal customers Nicoll who come to him for easy styles, loosely defined, but presumably is in charge of that already in the showroom.



London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012