Jedediah Corwyn Voltz constructs Miniature Tree Houses situated in and around plants in pots plants and bonsai. The miniature tree houses, including stylish lofts to minimalist broadcasters, have similar features to their full-sized counterparts, and Voltz has outfitted associated with decorative rugs, art things, and wooden furniture. Happenings where have lining their porches!

This kind of incredible attention to details brings these playful areas to life, and it is easy to imagine that they’re inhabited by pint-sized residents. To create the sculptures, Voltz draws from his decade-long experience as a commercial prop maker for videos. As a result, everything is meticulously handcrafted by the artist, with materials like silk and real wood cobbled together into fully-realized structures.

Voltz relies on over a decade of economic brace making for film and other projects to write each structure from the beginning using small bits of real wood, silk fabric, miniature artworks, and semi valuable gallstones that are hidden through. To-date he’s produced some 25 little habitats that resemble everything from small watchtowers in secluded woodlands, to large bustling windmills or water wheels.