Mobile Internet
Mobile Internet

In just a few years the use of mobile Internet use will replace cable Internet as more Americans use their mobile devices to connect to the Internet.

“Forget what you’ve taken for granted in how consumers use the Internet. “Soon, more users will have access to the Web using mobile devices using PCs, and it will make the Internet a very different place.”

The mobile web is becoming increasingly important as consumers are now entering the mass web through handheld devices with touch screen which offers speed anytime, anywhere Internet access.

This year, the technology shows (CES, Mobile World Congress, IFA) has been dominated by the tablets and smartphones, many of which feature 4G connectivity (high-speed mobile Internet), a feature standard is becoming the latest high-end devices.

From the other end of the phone, consumers who once opted for a voice and text-only offer phones are now changing internet-enabled devices – smart phone shipments exceed shipments phone function in regions like Western Europe ( according to a separate study by IDC), a statistic that further emphasizes the imminent rise of the mobile internet.

IDC predicts that the impact “of smartphone and, above all, the media tablet adoption is so great that the number of users accessing the Internet through PCs first stagnate and then decline slowly. Western Europe and Japan will not be far behind the U.S. in the following this trend. ”

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Mobile Internet Access will Eclipse Wired Internet