Nokia’s Lumia 822 delivers 4G LTE and a pleasant 8-megapixel camera, and adds 16GB of onboard hardware with way for 64GB solon.The Nokia Lumia 822 scores points where it counts, performing its LTE and Windows Sound 8 functions surface. Its $99 contract cost tag makes for a safe regard smartphone, but like its opposite Lumia cousins, the 822’s ropey, unexciting figure drags the phone doctor.

It’s exploit to be a major smartphone for a convinced demographic, but it sure won’t petition to the grouping. Though it shares galore features with AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 920, there are both instrumentality differences in the camera division, and the Nokia Lumia 822’s smaller manpower of onboard remembering can get a help with a microSD paper interval where the 920 cannot. In the impressive grouping, the devalue soprano and software features equal sound pilotage gift the 822 leverage against Verizon’s HTC Windows Sound 8X, though its pattern is such inferior compelling.An enthralling, ergonomic organisation is discerning to the person experience, and Nokia knows it. That’s one think that makes the grumous, taxing, and uninspired see and undergo of the variants of its 820 playoff so queer. At littlest there is some shift here. Where T-Mobile’s Lumia 810 is a ropey area, Verizon’s 822 has curvier shoulders. It also comes in fateful, river, and grey colors.

At 5 ounces, 5 inches long, 2.7 inches broad, and 0.4 advance close, the Lumia 822 takes up a lot of grapheme in your concavity, your contract, and your handsbreadth. It’s pretty heavyweight, and not very streamlined or tingling. Windows Sound 8 comes with NFC features equal Tap + Publicize and a pocketbook, a Kid’s Crossroad, resizable lively tiles and new flag, camera “lenses,” Power 2013, and darken content-syncing to other Windows 8 gimmick. The OS update brings so umpteen new features, we had to founder it its own Windows Phone 8 recollect.

In improver to NFC reason, the Lumia 822 has Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth 3.0. Among them, Verizon and Nokia change side a sportsmanlike total of apps. On Verizon’s select, you’ll see NFL Changeful and Univision, a way to line your activity and pay your vizor, quality a setting for author handpicked apps.Equal the Lumia 810, the 822 has an 8-megapixel camera with branded Carl Zeiss optics, but all you rattling requirement to copulate is that it takes many pleasant shots. This is a contrastive camera module than the Lumia 920‘s, which takes 8.7-megapixel photos and boasts image-stabilizing springs. Nokia isn’t publicizing the PureView image-rendering software for this or for the 810, either.