Nokia Bluetooth
Nokia Bluetooth

The most awaited audio peripheral Nokia has finally decided to leave the hood. The device known as a Bluetooth headset Nokia essence was the most awaited last two months.

As far as music is concern, one of the most essential requirements is the absence of unnecessary and unwanted noise. Nokia says that this wonderful headset you never have to suffer with the problems of background noise, as has been well designed to avoid these. Another important feature of the device is active noise cancellation that has the ability to reduce low frequency disturbances audio. This helps users to enjoy music with bass without distortion, even if he or she is in a crowded place, which is noisy.

To ensure excellence in the gadget is incorporated with four different types of music profiles in sync. These profiles influence to listen to music in comfort. In addition, the device also supports a wide range and well above the low quality audio codes. This is to ensure that the user can enjoy high quality music.

The company also ensures that users will be enhanced comfort throughout the day, according to which the user can comfortably carry the essence Nokia Bluetooth headset with him or her everywhere. In addition, the intuitive wireless music and call controls will help you enjoy the calls and keep yourself away from the obstacles they face to attend calls with other current headphones. High above, you can use this piece of innovation with any phone enabled with Bluetooth. To connect, all you need do is share the device with the Bluetooth headset.

The physical characteristics and the interface of the Nokia Bluetooth headset comes with a core size of 58.9 mm x 31.6 mm x 15.7 mm and a total weight of only 32 grams. The Bluetooth operating range is 10 m. function keys are built into the Nokia Bluetooth headset device essentially a soft key is to help you on / off power and answer / end calls. There are dedicated keys for volume control. In addition, you can find the key of music options like play / pause, etc., can also adjust bass and treble with the keys. As for power management is the concern, the gadget is enriched with rechargeable Li-Ion polymer battery has the ability to radiate up to 8 hours and standby up to 240 hours. You need to spend only 45 minutes to get fully charged. The price of Bluetooth headset Nokia essence is not yet revealed.


Nokia Essence Bluetooth