Olympic Athletes by Barcelona-based paper designed these amazing fantastic serial plane paper figures in collaboration for an stock. everyone figure is cut from up to 150 pieces of paper joined by hundreds of tiny 3mm separators to create the delicate layering effect. Every single Olympic Athletes is cut from of paper joined by numerous tiny separators to produce the delicate layering impact.



The undisputed champions of paper art. Honed to perfection in these fantastic Olympic Athletes works. The Barcelona-based paper artist created the serial plane figures in collaboration with photographer. Photographs courtesy of the designer The Internet helps supply the cravings of foodies around the world interpersonal media makes it easy to share recipes, restaurant advice and stunning photographs of mouth-watering.

An exceptional affinity for paper composing. Known for origami creations has expanded her skill set to include these incredible newspaper figurines modeled after Olympic athletes. Designed in cooperation with photographer Leo Garcia Mendez for a stock image shoot to promote, paper masterpieces adopt recognizable poses from each of the Olympic sports that they signify.