Otofonix Hearing Solutions announced today its line of affordable, over-the-counter hearing assistance devices for those suffering from hearing loss. Otofonix Hearing Solutions’ personal sound amplifiers offer a discreet look and comfortable behind-the-ear fit, with each digital hearing amplifier available in a choice of beige or gray. With numerous accessories tailored to each device, Otofonix Hearing Solutions provide a near custom fit in an OTC hearing amplifier that is affordable and accessible for everyone.

Priced as low as $149.99 per device, each Otofonix Hearing Solutions’ hearing amplifier contains a Digital Sound Processor, four WDRC Channels, 12 bands, background noise reduction and decibel gains (DB Gain) of 35 to 42/53 to give customers the best sound quality possible. With easy to use controls, users can effortlessly adjust their hearing device to the program or volume level that is appropriate for them. Otofonix also offers free protection plans with each pair of hearing amplifiers purchased in addition to its top-rated customer service team.

During my 25 years of practice as anOtolaryngologist, I regularly saw patients in various stages of hearing loss who could not access the devices they need due to the tremendous cost of custom hearing aids,” said Dr. Ancerewicz, co-founder of Otofonix Hearing Solutions. “In 2009, a court decision finally allowed the over-the-counter sale of personal sound amplifiers and the idea for Otofonix was born. I wanted to use my expertise and personal experience to help people experiencing hearing loss achieve a better quality of life and create a product that could be accessible to everyone. For these reasons, we offer certified refurbished models of our top selling product, The Encore, so that everyone can access our most premium product.”

Otofonix Hearing Solutions uses only high quality components and a durable outer shell to house the high-tech digital sound amplifiers. They offer devices in three levels depending on customers’ stage of hearing loss: The Apex, with a 2nd generation digital sound processor and a 35 DB gain, The Elite, with a 3rd generation digital sound processor and 35 DB gain, and The Encore which provides up to 42/53 DB gain with a 3rd generation digital sound processor, dual directional microphone, telecoil and optional earhook. Each personal sound amplifier lasts for 5-7 days with the recommended mercury-free batteries available at www.otofonix.com.Otofonix Hearing Solutions offers a complete line of low-cost accessories optimized for each device so customers can rest assured that the high-quality accessories they need are just one click away.

About Otofonix Hearing Solutions

Co-founded by a RetiredBoard-Certified Otolaryngologist Dr. Sigmund Ancerewicz, Otofonix Hearing Solutions strives to disrupt the hearing aid industry by providing top quality OTC personal sound amplifiers to those suffering from hearing loss.Otofonix Hearing Solutions’ top-rated customer service team and commitment to quality has made them a stand-out company in the medical device industry. Otofonix Hearing Solutions uses only top of the line components sourced in the United States and Europe, ensuring each device gives its user the best sound quality possible.