When it comes to pallet trucks, companies have different needs for them. Some like manoeuvrability, speed, load capacity and ease of use are things that get considered. But others prefer options that will outlast other trucks and save on maintenance and replacement costs.

Thankfully for these companies there are a number of options of pump trucks that can chosen from – either a manual version or an electric powered truck. There are a number of things to consider when choosing the best truck for your company and each business will be different in what materials they handle.

Manual pallet trucks are the most basic type of pump truck. The handle is used to pump or hydraulically lift the forks once placed within a pallet. Meanwhile an electric truck are pretty much the automated version of a manual truck. They are often bigger in size and allow room for the user to stand and ride the truck when it is being used.

First of all how big is your facility as a larger one will demand the use of an electric truck. Moving pallets a long distance manually is physically demanding for workers and in a smaller environment an electric pp trucks might not be the best option when it comes to manoeuvring.

Electric pallet trucks are an investment and one that may not pay off for a number of years. You must consider the potential costs of maintenance needs and the cost of damaging a more expensive machine. Meanwhile a manual pallet truck are the complete opposite when it comes to the cost and the potential maintenance costs. A simpler design means repairs are often much quicker and a lot easier to get hold of parts which isn’t the case with an electric truck.

Manual trucks are also very reliable and highly durable. The robust sturdy designs make the trucks easier to maintain over a long period. However unlike an electric truck these trucks can put a strain on workers and potentially cause injuries. Due to a limited amount of weight a worker can move on their own, these trucks are not beneficial if loaded anywhere near its weight capacity. Although as a side note for safety reasons it is highly recommended that a manual pallet truck should never be loaded even close to its capacity.

Although the issue on cost and maintenance can put people off an electric truck there are still many positives of having them. In a busy warehouse setting they can save an awful amount of operational time meaning more gets done and workers are moving greater distances.

Again a complete power system allows the trucks to lift, lower and move around a busy warehouse and unlike the manual pump trucks there is a less likely chance of a strain related injury to whoever uses it.

Obviously there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing the right truck for you and there are positives and negatives for both options. Considering the above options will allow you to work out which truck will suit your business.