A law firm’s name should confidently indicate its specialty in handling the kind of cases it can handle proficiently. A strategically picked out name plays a significant role in helping the law firm establish its brand image and present itself as an authority amongst the target clients. 

Therefore, you should brainstorm and pick out a unique yet straightforward name that also spells out your law firm’s specialty.

You might be picking a name for your new firm or rebranding to boost the firm’s presence in the market. Maybe you bought a new partner in the area in which you specialize. Whichever it is, picking out a name for your law firm is a sensitive matter, and here are a few things you should use to pick the right name for your firm.

Try Your Surnames 

Family surnames are a great option when picking out a name for your law firm. If someone in your family already has a law firm, consider doubling the name then using it as your firm’s name. You can also use the same tactic if you’re husband and wife that both practice law, e.g., Morgan and Morgan.

It’s essential to have your logo in mind when picking the name. Remember that the logo is also quite significant for the identity; it will appear in your marketing campaigns. If an attorney’s logo design has a surname appearing on it, it lends an authentic aura to the face of your firm. 

Pick Out Exciting Names

Sometimes simply spelling out your surname just might not be working for you, and it may not catch the attention of potential clients. In this scenario, simply try to come up with some exciting names.

Explore names that sound smart and quirky to modern clients. The chances are that clients are likely to pay more attention to your logo choice during marketing campaigns and advertisements.

Consider Your Location 

Your region, location, or practice area is also a significant consideration when picking a name for your firm. Examples include names like NorthEast Criminal Defense Center, Swartz Criminal Defense Firm, or Mainland Personal Injury. However, ensure that you’ve checked with your state’s bar ethics rules before naming your firm in this manner. Laws vary from place to place.

Check Your Acronym 

One barrier to a perfect name would be the acronym the name forms. Sometimes after combining the partners’ names to create the firm’s name, it condenses to form a common acronym. For example, Amber, Andrew, and Sandra Law Association would form AAS Law, a common acronym. 

Another problem would be forming an unpleasant acronym. For instance, Peter, Eveline, and Ester Law Associates would create PEE Law. Consequently, always check the acronym formed while picking your name.

Brand Yourself in the Name

The more memorable your name is, the more your brand expands. First things first, keep the name short. Short names are more straightforward for previous and potential clients to remember off the head. Next, include your area of practice on your name; this differentiates you from all other lawyers, i.e., whether corporate, defense, family, or marriage, among others.

If you are considering growing your legal practice as you continue, it’s important to trademark your name. For instance, if you intend to operate widely and even open branches worldwide, trademarking your name should be considered.

Pick a Memorable Name While Highlighting Your Specialty

Choosing a name for your new firm is a matter of significant consideration. The name you eventually go with will inevitably have a significant substantial impact on your prospective clients’ awareness. 

The ideal approach and most straightforward way to go about it is picking a memorable name that highlights your specialty area.