The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 off-road has been addicted for creation. The G-Class mechanism in Graz, Austria leave create 20-30 a gathering, play in 2014, at most €410 000 (R4.9 million) apiece.

Supported on the super-tough G320 CDI six-wheeler originally shapely, the pre-production paradigm you see here has been soundly worked over by the Adrenalin junkies at Affalterbach, using nigh alone off-the-shelf component from three varied sources to expose a genuinely outrageous beetle-crusher.

It starts with a current-series G-Class chassis and an AMG V8 biturbo engine that delivers 400kW and 760Nm, married to a Speedshift Nonnegative 7G-tronic motorcar box with paddle-shift.

Then it gets absorbing, with a low-range acquisition mortal align mentation power to a G63 lie end and the double-axle side set-up from the Aussie soldierly assistant with cardinal (sort them, five!) singly lockable-on-the-fly differentials.