There are hundreds of skincare procedures. You have probably tried out a couple of them. Giving your skin the care it deserves like finding the best skin spa NYC slows down the rate at which it ages. Also, it ensures that you look your best at all times. However, there are some skincare procedures that we take on, not knowing that we are doing more harm than good. It is not unlikely for one to miss a step or two, which unfortunately will cost you. That can be blamed on not knowing what you are doing wrong. Here are some of the ways through which you are not being kind to your skin.

  1. Not using natural products

Well, let’s face it. Natural skincare products may not be too friendly to your pockets. However, they are worth every dollar you will spend. Products containing chemicals and fragrances will be the beginning of your skin issues. The chemicals are harsh to the skin and will accelerate aging. As much as the natural products may be expensive, you can always start with the essential ones like the face wash and a moisturizer.

  1. Applying products in a downward motion

If you do not want to start seeing fine lines and wrinkles in your thirties, you need to take the movements you use seriously. The downward motion is undoubtedly something that you need to avoid. On top of facilitating fine lines, your skin will also be irritated, causing itching and drying. Working upwards or in circular motions is recommended. The areas of your skin that are more sensitive like under your eyes should just be patted.

  1. Sleeping in makeup

You need to do your skin a big favor and wash or wipe off your makeup before you go to bed. Sleeping in your makeup is not only uncomfortable, but it also clogs your pores. You know what happens after this: you have a breakout. This leads to acne.

  1. Not using sunscreen

UV rays are the number one enemy of healthy skin. Not putting sunscreen exposes your skin to UV rays leading to sun damage. Provided you do it right; your skin will be protected from other troubles that come with sun damage. The proper way to apply sunscreen as the final layer after applying makeup or any other thing on your skin.

  1. Exfoliating everyday

Exfoliating is useful for getting rid of the dry and dead skin. However, you are not supposed to overdo it. Excessive exfoliating strips the natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry and exposed to bacteria and free radicals. It also encourages acne. If you have to do it regularly, once a week should be enough. Also, remember to use an exfoliator that is gentle to your skin.

The other thing that most people are usually guilty for is not applying a moisturizer after washing their faces. A moisturizer will help trap in moisture in your skin, preventing dryness. Avoiding the above habits, you will enjoy youthful and healthy skin.