A lot of people get surprised when they come to know about how stress can affect their Health. Whether, you are in a traffic jam or you are going to face a major event of your life like, job loss or divorce. The level of stress caused by the same situation may vary from one person to another. The most surprising fact is that around 70% of the doctor visits can be linked to stress directly.

The body works in such a way to protect itself from danger by releasing a hormone when you are stressed. The release of cortisone can also increase the level of your blood pressure and blood sugar. If once in a while you face this situation, then your body can handle it, but it may bring serious health complications if your body is under constant stress. Get more information from Nootriment.


The release of cortisone is also linked to increase the craving for sugar and fat diets. When you eat sugary items, your body feels good and this makes you eat even more. You are more susceptible to this if you have a high body mass index.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is directly related to stress living. Moreover, you will tend to follow the poor eating habits when they are under stress. Cortisone also increases the fat percentage in your body and it is also responsible in increasing the size of fat cells. You will get detailed information.

Heart Ailment

Several researches are going on to find out the relationship between stress and the heart attack. There are many clear evidences that stress can play a role in the heart ailments. There was a study conducted on 2 lakh employees in Europe found that people were unable to take decisions, had 23% more chance of having a heart attack. This study was conducted in comparison with the people who had less job-related stress.

The best thing you can do to make your heart healthy is by staying active and eating the right kind of food and of course reducing the level of stress in your life.


If you are suffering from constant stress, then you may fall prey to insomnia. The long term exposure to stress will disrupt your sleep and you may develop sleep disorders. Insufficient amount of sleep has its own side effects, which you have to face.

When you were sleeping less than your body requires, you will feel less energetic and as a result of which you will crave to eat a high calorie diet. Doing this over and over again will increase the fat percentage around your waist line.


Do you know that too much release of the stress hormone in your body can interfere with the brain’s ability to store new information and form new memories?

During stress, hormones interfere with neurotransmitters, which make it difficult to retrieve the stored information. It will also affect the mind’s ability to think straight.