This summer, the Lake in Texas has turned red as blood, may not be an indication of when the end is the end of a popular recreation spot for fishing and probably.

Drought has left almost completely dried OC Fisher Reservoir State Park in San Angelo in West Texas  & deep, opaque red. Remaining water is full of dead fish have stagnated.

Although color has a few believers in Revelation suggests that the early signs of the end of the world OC Fisher, an official Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries, the appearance of bloody water, oxygen-deprived Chromatiaceae bacteria thrive in, said to be the result of.

“It’s just heartbreaking,” Charles Cruz, fish and wildlife technician in Texas, said park And San Angelo, Texas wildlife

Red blood reservoir

Texas, the National Drought Disaster Management Center (NDMC), according to the “exceptional” drought, the highest level, 75 percent of the state’s area, is experiencing a major drought this summer. The state was hoping for some relief from Tropical Storm Don Last week, the system stalls, or two inches of rain brought only in the areas near the coast.

Drought, its number of reservoirs in West Texas Taking a toll, Cruz told LiveScience. OC Fisher, said Cruz, but was not completely filled in, catfish, bass, were common in most other goals for the sunfish and fishermen.

“We are investigating the Lake in Texas, I believe that there is Last year we had a population of fish pretty good there, “Cruz said.” It was dropping and dropping just the level of the lake go there, look at drop trophy these wonderful floating dead but I have a feeling very uncomfortable watching the bass. ”

Prediction of End Time

As of last week, all remaining from the Lake in Texas was a small pond a few feet of depth, Cruz said. Dead fish, but said he had no signs of life thousands of  blood-red photographs of the pool is circulated online forum for Fishing, Indiana said in a YouTube video might be evidence of the Apocalypse as predicted by the lake reading a book of the Bible Revelation Paul Begley sermon, I caught the notification.

“The second angel poured his bowl into the sea, And it turned into blood like a dead person, dead sea creatures and all,” reads a passage quoted Begley. “He poured a bowl of water in rivers and springs of the third angel, and they became blood.”

Texas Red Lake
Texas Red Lake

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Texas Lake Turns Blood Red