The Murphy bed was named after a single man living in small studio apartment in San Francisco. At the time, the norms frowned upon a single woman entering a man’s bedroom. This complicated the situation as he was dating an opera singer at the time. Being resourceful and motivated, Murphy used his brains to figure out a way to hide the bed in his walk in closet. He used only door hinges and a door jamb.

Some of his acquaintances and friends had the same difficulty and thus, he patented the idea. Today that idea is widely known as a Murphy Bed.

But, the question people ask most is which hideaway bed is best, a Murphy bed or a wall bed? The answer to this question lies in your current situation.

  • Convenience

A Murphy Bed can be easily carried to your apartment whether there is a lift in your building or not. It comes in a number of small pieces for you to assemble. A wall bed will come fully assembled. However, navigating a wall bed and making it fit into your apartment could be challenging.

  • Space saver

A Murphy Bed comes with a set of springs attached to either side. They help you lower and lift the bed with ease. On the other hand, the wall bed uses gas pressurized pistons to ease moving the bed. The purpose of a hideaway bed is to save space. Therefore, the piston mechanism ensures that the cabinetry surrounding the bed is smaller than springs.

  • Comfort

The comfort of both beds is more or less the same. The only thing that will make a difference is the quality of the mattress you choose.

  • Lighting

The bridgeboard of the bed is where the lighting is and can be activated by touch. It provides you with ample light to perhaps, read after lights out. As an added bonus, it is visually appealing.

  • Affordability and Styles

Murphy Beds are available in a number of styles and designs. From a multi-unit Murphy Bed with shelving underneath and a couch attached to a simple DIY Murphy frame, you can buy one that falls within your budget. However, wall beds come with variety of side cabinets that enhance their functionality and are available in different price ranges.

  • Drop Down Table

A drop down table is a feature of both Murphy and wall bed. This can be a fun addition to your room. It is practical and allows you to use it for office work, a crafts table or a study desk. The key distinction lies in its size. The drop down table option is small on a Murphy Bed but, bigger in size for a Wall Bed.

Ultimately, the choice between a Murphy Bed and a Wall Bed is on you. It depends on your needs, space, and convenience. You have to live with the choice you make. But, collecting information and exploring all your options will put you in a better position to make such an important decision.