Whenever one invests in cryptocurrency the main question that may arise in the investor’s mind would be of Bitcoin conversion. People think that it is very tricky to convert Bitcoin into USD, but it is very easy. There are different websites, which work according to different regions. Almost all countries, which have Bitcoin in their countries, have their websites where there are dealers who are willing to buy Bitcoins. It is mostly a peer-to-peer exchange.

Best Bitcoin Conversion Websites


Bithoven is the most recent website to offer Bitcoin conversion. Yet it has successfully impressed many old investors of the market. The website has introduced many advanced algorithms. These algorithms make the website very user-friendly and easier to load the website page.

The websites support the exchange of over 350 altcoins. The most liked feature of the website is that it does not have a limit to the coins that are being converted. The no cap policy has gained the most attention.


Coinbase is one of the most popular websites for purchasing Bitcoins. Coinbase has the largest user base amongst all Bitcoin conversion websites. The website liked around the world because you do not need to worry about frauds on the website. The website is heavily guarded and makes the user feel safer.

Coinbase is a very user-friendly website. The website is so easy to use that even people who are not tech-savvy at all can operate the website and easily buy Bitcoins or any cryptocurrency.


LocalBitcoin is the largest peer-to-peer exchange. On the website, you can exchange your Bitcoin with other Bitcoin owners easily, or you can sell your Bitcoin to another Bitcoin owner.

LocalBitcoin operates in 1500 cities around the world. That means you can exchange your Bitcoin everywhere in the world. It has users all over the world. The main feature of the website is that you can directly contact your peer without any intermediary.


Coinmama is the oldest Bitcoin brokers in the cryptocurrency market. Before the website, it was very difficult to convert Bitcoins into regular currency. Coinmama is an Israel-based Bitcoin broker service. They also accept credit cards for the buying of Bitcoins. It is also considered as the safest website for buying Bitcoins.

Coinmama has one of the best customer services. You get the best customer service because it does not have many users. Therefore, the website can cater to all customers with ease. Coinmama is one of the oldest website, but it is yet not the most famous for different reasons. Coinmama also provides service in the countries where Bitcoin is not available, so if your country does not offer Bitcoin service you can still get them through Coinmama.

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Most people do not invest in Bitcoin because they do not know how they will convert it into real money, but it is very easy to do so. The websites mentioned above have Bitcoin calculators, which will make your work easier.