When a person tries to take a nap, if he/she is unable to do so easily or feels that the nap is disturbed several times without any external cause then these problems are categorized under sleep disorders. There can be many reasons that can cause one or multiple sleep disorders. A few of these reasons are discussed below:

  • The effect of trauma

When a person is recovering from certain physical trauma, then the normal routine of peaceful sleep is disturbed by the injury. Pain and discomfort can be caused by sustained injury, and it can interfere not only with daily activities but also with the sleep of a person.

  • The presence of excessive tension or stress

Tension or anxiety is a huge reason that disturbs sleep. Palpitations are often felt by individuals who suffer from bouts of anxiety. This can lead to a sleepless night and also other problems like an inability to eat or do work. Concentration is also badly affected by tension or anxiety. It is true that in the highly competitive professional field of the present world it is normal to suffer from tension, but when that exceeds the normal stress patterns, then anxiety disorders are experienced which badly affects sleep.

  • Depression

Depression is a psychological state of mind that can be caused by various reasons. The event or emotions that cause depression are termed as psychological triggers which affect the healthy activity of the brain. Patients suffering from depression have to take prescribed sedatives for getting proper sleep as sleeping normally is not possible for most depressed individuals.

  • Effect of certain medication

When medicines for treating severe inflammation or infections are taken, then that also disturbs the slumber of a person. The effect of the drugs can keep a person awake at night which is why best sleeping pills are often prescribed by medical practitioners to alleviate the problem of drug-induced insomnia.

The important factors that ought to be known about sleeping pills

There are many over the counter medications available for alleviating troubles associated with sleeping. People who are unable to experience sound sleep often turn to such products to get some rest, but in this regard, it is important to remember that sleeplessness might be indicative of an underlying issue or condition which won’t be resolved by the use of over the counter medication. The sleeping pills tend to solve the symptom but are not to be taken as a treatment of the cause.

There is also another factor which should be considered before thinking about taking sleeping pills, and that is the duration and frequency of occurrence of insomniac episodes. Temporary insomnia can be caused by increased stress but usually gets resolved within a week, and medication is not required for treating such issues, but if there is the sporadic occurrence of sleepless nights, then it is best to consult a doctor and then opt for a prescribed sleeping pill.

Hence, taking sleeping pills often is not a suitable habit and only prescribed medication should be taken.