Bracelets are an absolute style staple! In every fashion movement, there’s been a coveted style of bracelet that everyone just had to have, and it’s pretty clear why! The simple bracelet adds a hint of style, sophistication and personality to literally all your outfits, all year round! Whether you’re a trend worshipper, a classic dresser, a minimalist or a statement lover, you’ll find bracelets everywhere that are perfectly suited to your style! Here are just a few of the most gorgeous bracelets that are on-trend right now:

Charms: This doesn’t mean the charm bracelets that you used to wear when you were young, don’t worry! The contemporary charm bracelet is all grown up, and it usually will feature a single or double delicate metal chain, with one or two charms placed in the centre. You can find charms with positive affirmations, interesting symbols, beautiful gems and intricate patterns! Choose charms that make you feel happy or that you love to look at!    

Chains: This style of bracelet is pared back, minimal and oh so elegant! You’ll find both chunky and dainty chains when you’re shopping, choose at your own will! Chunky chains are very of the moment, but daintier pieces are highly effeminate, graceful and timeless. Go for sumptuous gold to be perfectly on-trend or opt for silver for a sophisticated shine.

Bangles: A bangle is just a simple, solid metal or resin bracelet, which is usually designed for stacking. Layering with bangles creates a statement, effeminate look which is a little bit boho and a little bit 70s. Perfect for those who want to put together an eye-catching look!  


Cuffs: Cuffs are a gorgeous addition to any ensemble! You can find beautiful, subtle cuffs in gold, silver or rose gold, with elegant crystal embellished at each end, sounds amazing right? You’ll also find that cuffs come in more statement styles, with solid, chunky, sculptural shapes in smooth, shining finishes! If you love a more delicate cuff, these are great to layer and stack with. A chunkier piece is really best left to shine on its own!  

Birthstone Styles: A bracelet that features your birthstone is a beautiful and personal touch to your look! Wearing your birthstone is said to bring you good energy and a little bit of luck whilst looking stunning – what’s not to love? Do a little research to discover which stone correlates with your birthday (not to worry, whatever your month, they’re all stunning!)  

Beaded: The beaded style is right on trend at the moment! From necklaces to bracelets and earrings, it’s kind of everywhere! Whether you like to layer, or you’re more minimal, you’ll find a whole range to suit. The beauty of beaded bracelets is that you can find them in an array of colours, you can find cheerful brights, muted tones, pretty neutrals or psychedelic multi-colours!  

Pearl Details: Pearls are another big trend in the fashion world, and you can find a beautiful selection of pearl bracelets out there! Pearl styles will be threaded with other beads or metal details, on a minimal chain with a single pearl or they’ll be the classic string of pearls.

Shells: The seaside trend is another must mention! Shells, coral and all things ocean have taken the jewellery world by storm this year! From pukka shells to metallic recreations, the sea-inspired theme takes a fun concept and makes it insanely fashionable!

These are just some of the most gorgeous bracelets for women, that are the height of fashion at the moment. Style and stack for an elegant statement or wear alone for a touch of minimal glamour, whatever your style, these bracelets are sure to look amazing on you!