Motorcycles are very common on the roads. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), there are at least 8.3 million registered motorcycles in the United States. Motorcycle accidents are also prevalent because several vehicle drivers fail to see motorcyclists on the road.

Though riding a motorcycle is an exciting experience, you need to take the right safety precautions. Therefore, before you enjoy the speed, open road, and that wind in your face that makes riding a motorcycle an unforgettable experience, you should ensure that you are safe.

However, if you are in a motorcycle-related accident, you will need a good lawyer to represent you. Motorcycle injuries are severe, and the claims are also more complicated to deal with when compared to auto accident claims. The right motorcycle accident attorneys will help you file your claim, represent you, and fight for your legal rights. Therefore, it is important to know how to find the best attorney. Read on for tips that will help you choose the right attorney.


Your friend, family member, or an attractive advertisement may help you find the best motorcycle accident lawyer, but they may not be right for your case if they are in another state. The laws and regulations that govern motorcycle accidents and claims are different in each state. The right attorney should be located in the same state where your case will go to trial. This way, they will represent you well because they understand the state laws and local court procedures. Local attorneys are also familiar with the judges and know how best to approach them should your case go to court.

Area of Specialization

Attorneys specialize in different types of lawsuits. Some specialize in criminal law, tax law, business law, and more. No matter how good or experienced an attorney is in their area of practice, the right attorney for you is one that specializes in motorcycle accidents. These accidents have several minor details that only a lawyer who is familiar with them can understand better.

Experience and Success Rate

To find the right attorney, you need to take time and do some homework. This will help you find an attorney who will give you the best results possible. Ask the attorney about their experience and similar cases they have handled before. You may also want to check testimonials and online reviews to know what their previous clients are saying about them. Avoid working with attorneys who are not ready or shy away from answering your questions.

What sets an attorney apart is their character, experience, success rate, and how they handle their clients. The right attorney knows that having a good reputation means a lot in their industry and will strive to uphold that with every client.

How They Plan to Handle Your Case

It is important to speak to an attorney before you hire them. When you meet the attorney, you should ask several questions, including how they will handle your case. You should also know if they plan to handle the case or assign it to a paralegal. Ensure that they explain how insurance companies work and how often they will update you on the negotiations or your case. Work with an attorney that you can trust.

Find the Right Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It may be best to compare several attorneys before hiring one. However, you should make a decision fast because waiting can negatively affect your claim. Get an attorney that specializes and is experienced in handling motorcycle accidents to improve your chances of a successful claim.