Hardware budgets feeling pinch of our lukewarm economy, many companies make employees use their notebooks longer. If you’re telling your people to work together with their laptops connecting four or five years, not just three, you may be running for unexpected expenses Dead laptops battery.

Laptop Batteries
Laptop Batteries

Well, to be fair, some laptop batteries are completely dead. But because the lithium-ion batteries tend to lose about 20% of its capacity every year, maybe three years old typical laptops only get about an hour or so on a charge that may not even get their people into the whole meeting. Here are four simple tips to avoid the day when it is necessary to replace the battery:

Keep it cool. Heat is a major killer battery. Tell your employees to be careful not to leave their laptops overheating. One common way this happens, the pack is running laptop in a backpack or briefcase. If the laptops can not go to sleep , then the laptop can get crazy hot enclosed space. You can almost feel the loss of battery life.

Reconditioning batteries regularly. Most laptops manufacturers (except Apple) is generally to say about it, but a simple process, known as reconditioning (or occasionally, tuning) can breathe new life into your laptops battery and capacity expansion back. To do this, turn off screensaver and other power management tools, which gave its PC mode sleep. Fully charge your notebook and let it run all the way down – to the right until it shuts down due to lack of juice. Then load back up again and restore the power management stuff.

Remove it when not in use. When you leave your notebook connected to the table every day, the battery will never get the opportunity to meet and recharge – which is important for long-term health. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: Remove the battery. So long as the laptop is connected to the power supply, battery is not necessary, it will run without it. Just remember to pop back before you take your laptop on the go.

Start with a super-sized batteries. When you buy the next round notebook upgrade to extended battery life. Not only will you significantly longer operating time for the start – great on the go, and anyone else who works out of the office a lot – but the inevitable loss of life of the battery will have a less pronounced effect. The additional cost of larger batteries worth the investment because it eventually takes much longer.

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Tips for Long Time Laptop Batteries